Team Development

As an organizational consultant, I am often invited to re-establish contact and communication between the team and their leader or between team members.

I work with clarity and visibility, so everyone plays on a level field and knows the rules of the game. It is key that the leader acts as a role model and shows the courage to share his thoughts, feelings and fantasies about how he or she is perceived by the team, where we are going and why. The leader’s openness and honesty is the key to getting team members to start sharing their thoughts and feelings, openly and honestly.

I often work with Patrick Lencioni‘s principles of trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results. This creates a clear and recognizable frame for talking about the team dynamics that prevail in the team. It also ensures that the individual is able to understand himself in a team context and become clear about individual needs and feelings. Everyone must find their voice and tell the others in the team about their needs and wishes for the collaboration, so that confidence is strengthened and a focus on cooperation and results is created.

After this we work on solving the issues at hand. I use different tools depending on which issues we need to solve. As an example, I can say that MBTI is an excellent tool for seeing and understanding yourself and each other. Role analyzes, role playing, distance management exercises and feedback are other tools which I include depending on the need. It depends on the team, the leader, the culture and the problem.

I take pride in always delivering the design and the exercises that are best suited for the issues at hand and the current culture. This means that, as part of the collaboration, I meet with the manager and sometimes also with the team / members in the team before a workshop is rolled out. When everyone feels seen, heard and met and we work with exactly what’s unique to you, success is much more likely. 


Well-being and engagement (the poor engagement survey)

Often, I am called out after an engagement survey that clearly indicates that the employees do not feel comfortable in their current settings. This often leaves both managers and employees with a feeling of despair, because the actions previously taken did not work or maybe even created further distance between the team and the manager.

In situations where there is a large psychological distance between employees and the manager, we must start with the manager addressing what the employees is experiencing so the employees feel understood. This reduces the resistance and cooperation can be re-established through the conveyance of feelings and needs and joint commitment to future cooperation. This can be done, for example, by mapping out the topics that arise after individual interviews. Again, it depends on the context of the individual situation.

These workshops usually leave everyone with relief, courage and renewed drive for cooperation based on openness and trust.

As an organization consultant, I have worked for many companies. Including but not limited to DONG, Maersk, Siemens, Din Forsyning and Esbjerg Municipality.


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