Without the right employees, a company cannot be successful. The wrong employees can have a negative effect on profits, motivation and engagement, not just for themselves but for their entire team. The vibes from just a few poorly recruited employees can spread like wild fire through the entire organization, and in a short amount of time create an almost toxic atmosphere in the company.

There is no doubt how important it is to hire the right employees. But finding and hiring the right people is an art. It requires both hard work, insight into and understanding of the task, the human being and the company culture.

It’s about seeing and understanding the person behind the mask, how the person will fill the role and what it takes to create results and grow.

In the recruitment process, I use many of the skills and tools I use in coaching and as an organizational consultant. Here too, trust is key. Everyone must feel that they are being treated with respect, that they are seen for who they are and that they are met with curiosity and genuine interest.

Based on many years of experience from HR, I have employed unique and wonderful people and feel very proud that I have been able to the impact the culture of several large and medium-sized Danish companies through recruitment of the right people.


I have recruited for LEGO, NIRAS and Tractel and as a HR Business Partner, I have more than 7 years of experience in recruiting for Maersk and Fanø Kran Service.

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