Sofie Smidt Hansen

CEO and Founder of Human

Master in Organisational Psychology,
Coach and ISTDP therapist.

Current: Excecutive Coach and CEO of Human Impact

Human Impactt creates targeted development processes, value adding, sustainable impact and energy on all levels in your organization – aiming at the Future while building on what already works. 

We design targeted leadership, team and organisational development initiatives, focus on balancing interactive dynamics and dilemmas to achieve optimum results and behaviors. Building the bridge to the next level.

Key trade marks:

  • business, executive, and individual coaching, and HR partnering
  • deliberate and targeted approach deploying business strategy
  • building people, culture, competencies and capabilities
  • building healthy and self sustainable organisations
Current: CEO & Co-Founder of Teamspeeder

The problem:

Today’s organizations are often challenged by missing alignment, lack of team belonging and individual burn-outs.

The solution:

Teamspeeder addresses this challenge by bridging the gap between organizational complexity and coherence.

What is Teamspeeder:

Teamspeeder is your virtual Partner.
She provides guidance and reflections suited to bring the individual, the team, the leader and the organization to the next level building on real time data on:
• individual well-being & resilience
• team well-being and performance and
• team and leadership impact

The result:

Using Teamspeeder organizations gain increased effectiveness in teams, organizational high performance and resilient employees.

Companies that take the time and make the investment to build people analytics capabilities will likely out- perform their competitors significantly in the coming years (Global Human Capital Trends 2015.)

2011-2015: HR Business Partner at Maersk Oil

Primary responsibilities

  • Designing and facilitating Leadership Programs
  • Planning and executing contineous workshops
  • Leadership sparring
  • Team building
  • Employee Engagement Surveys & Follow-up
  • Facilitating HR processes
  • Recruitement & Onboarding – special focus on recruiting the leadership talents who can take the organization to the next level
  • Talent Management
  • Performance Management


What has this taught me

As a HR Business Partner I was heavily involved in designing and facilitating a large 3-year Platform Supervisor program which was focused on creating and maintaining a healthy team culture, leadership alignment cross installations/on- & offshore, safety management & employee engagement. We involved all leadership levels in the process as sustainable change needs to be embedded on all management levels at the same time to be effect-full and coherent.

This work has taught me that in order for collaboration to work in a matrix organization there must be great focus on building relations, trust and being clear on expectations. This cannot be done without a management team, that is willing to show vulnerability. Contrary to popular belief vulnerability is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength and employees notice – and follow. Then and only then trust can be built in an organization. Then and only then will employees and managers start to follow their leaders willingly.

The program was a huge succes, and was later followed up by a global initiative: Front Line Leadership.


Workshop portfolio

  • Leadership alignment ”One team, One voice”
  • Team building: Who are we and what do we need from each other?
  • Role Clarification – dilemmas in the role of offshore leader & feedback to onshore stakeholders
  • Business development and clarification of expectations
  • Cascade of management initiatives
  • Safty Management
  • Talent spotting: Who among the Supervisors are the future Leaders?
2008-2011: HR Manager at Fanø Kran-Service A/S

Primary responsibilities:

  • Strategy and organizational development
  • One to one sparring with the Director
  • Corporation across departments (focus on  company values  and employee ownership)
  • Leadership development
  • Recruitment
  • Developing compensation module
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Feedback
  • Yearly engagement surveys
  • Internal courses in communication and role analysis
  • Conflict management
  • Briefing/debriefing
  • Developing the safety culture
  • Responsible for Training and Development
  • Member of the leadership team

What has this taught me?

Being an HR Manager in a smaller organization means being highly involved in every single aspect of the entire HR process. Everything from planning to execution to follow up – including seeing the actual effects on the employees – was part of every day. 

This job has created the foundation I am standing on today. I have seen every issue and carried out every task in a HR function and I have seen the effects on the people involved first hand.  

These years has instilled in me a fundamental understanding of the effects that management decisions has on employees. This has made me better equipped at designing solutions that the employees will support and thereby solutions that will have a lasting and sustainable effect. 

2014-2016: ISTDP Psychotherapy (Education)

Intensive dynamic short-term therapy (ISTDP) is an empirically validated treatment that is effective for a number of mental disorders, including depression, anxiety, stress, personality disorders and psychosomatic disorders (Abbass, Town & Driessen, 2012).

ISTDP is based on psychodynamic theory and attachment theory. Furthermore, ISTDP incorporates findings from modern brain research, including the importance of being in touch with your emotions (Damasio & Bechara).