Executive coaching

Do you need a confidential space, where you can get professional and competent sparring on your leadership, your work life or your personal life?

With more than 15 years of experience sparring with and guiding executives in both professional and private settings, I have seen – and helped with – most of the issues, when having the role of a leader.

As a leader, you are on the sideline of the team(s) you are a leader for and that requires a high level of situational leadership, empathy, robustness, self-awareness and result orientation, process understanding and cultural understanding to act successfully.

It is very normal to need a bit of sparring to be able to deliver all of that. I can help you with that.


The coaching sessions

In an executive coaching course, we start with the individual leader’s desire for focus, future scenarios and challenges. We work to see those blockers that can interfere with stakeholder relationships and process the feelings that they create.

We work with targeted communication, so that recipients can connect and accept the communication and give companionship. Visions, experiences, analyzes and feelings are connected, and we work with the overall goal of success for the company, the team and you as a leader.

We could work with:

  • Work relations
  • Targeted communication
  • Results and cohesion 
  • Work-life balance
  • Management – in every direction

The outcome is that as a leader you get the tools to solve the challenges you are faced with. Your communication is even more targeted, and you gain insight into how you continuously work to create even more confidence in your organization, building capacity, relationships and results.


When your personal issues affect your work

When heavy feelings and difficult experiences hit us, many shut down and cannot feel what we actually need. It is as if joy, love, initiative, self-esteem and presence disappear.

Sad and heavy thoughts – that give the feeling of not doing well enough, or that others do not think we are good enough or deliver enough – are overwhelming and leave us with inferiority, insecurity and anxiety. Inner experiences unfold differently in different people. For example, some experience tears, even though they are angry, while others are perceived as angry while in fact they are lonely and sad.

It’s about:

  • Experiencing being wrong
  • Experiencing not being happy
  • Experiencing focusing on what others think
  • Experiencing not being enough
  • Experiencing loneliness despite external success

All of these express feelings that for various reasons are cut off and therapy can help you get in touch with them, so joy, love, self-esteem and presence come back into your life making you the best version of yourself, regardless of whether you are at work, with family or feel happiness in your own company.


Are you ready to tackle your challenges?

If you are – I’m ready to help you.

With more than 10 years of experience helping people, teams, employees and managers get back the joy of working, I have gotten and developed many tools for creating lasting and sustainable changes.

I am grateful for the unique relationship I experience with each and every client I have worked with and I am grateful to the trust companies, HR and individuals show me through the request of sessions and recommendations to others.
I deeply believe that the ability to rest within yourself and the peace and inner joy that comes from doing therapy is a gift that should be given to all and despite how the following sounds I truly believe that it will make the world a better place if everyone was practicing feeling the healthy and honest feelings instead of acting based on assumptions and defense mechanisms.

Contact me today, and let’s have a talk about what I can do for you and your organization. Call me on 51 23 00 54 or write me at ssh@humanimpact.net.

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